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2020 electrophoretic coating market will reach us $ 3.69 billion

Hangzhou Shine Chemicals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 29, 2016

MarketsandMarkets research firm electrophoresis paint of a new report on the global market analysis, covering various areas of market drivers, influencing factors, and opportunities and challenges.

Reports that electrophoretic coating market driving force comes from the growth of automobile and home appliances industries. China, India and Brazil and other developing countries are mainly consumers of electrophoretic coating. Middle East and Africa market continues to grow. In developed countries, such as the United States, and Spain, and Germany, and Japan and Italy, markets with low growth. Whether in sales is measured by sales, Asia-Pacific is the largest market for electrophoretic coating, followed by Western Europe and North America.

Estimated 2015 electrophoretic coatings industry market size of about 2.87 billion dollars, while in 2020 will reach us $ 3.69 billion, between 2015 and 2020, the compound annual growth rate of 5.12%.

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