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Fire fierce price war paint companies are afflicted with "Achilles ' heel"

Hangzhou Shine Chemicals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 29, 2016

The price war, originally the coatings industry's marketing magic, used to be the major paint companies deemed to be "a panacea", but now, with the market downturn of coatings industry, growing price war, has begun to show its limitations. Today, the price war has become a development of coatings enterprises "Achilles ' heel", causing a serious impact to other enterprise development. In fact, most of the paint companies, simply competing on price, competition, actually to the last obtained unsatisfactory results.

Price war makes the market disorder

In fact, not before the price war, the coating industry market is relatively stable. However, with the gradual downturn of the market, many companies failing, insolvency, himself has long been hoarding himself wholeheartedly to the goods sold to the world, and to be sold at below-market prices, it will hit the normal marketing of other companies. There are many companies, copies from some big companies products and methods to lower quality, lower production costs, to reduce the price of products, such products into the market, also disrupted the normal order of the market.