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Organic Pigments for Food Contact Plastics

Hangzhou Shine Chemicals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2016


Basic Info.

Model NO.:PR53: 1 PY17, 62, 83, 183, 191
Colour:Red& Yellow
Application Material:Plastic
Name:Organic Pigment
CAS NO.:5160-02-1
Package:10kg/Bag, 25kg/Bag
Origin: China
HS Code:32041700

Product Description

Several kinds of organic pigments that use for food packaging material
1. Pigment red 53: 1 is a yellowish and very showy red powder, General in light, generally contains a barium salt, we recommend. Fast lake Red C-LC, it having good heat resistance (270º C*5min), migration fastness: 4grade, BA≤ 100PPM, accord with AP89-1, Suitable for food packaging plastics.
2. Pigment yellow 17 is a greenish yellow pigment, heat resistance 230º C*5min, but migration fastness is general (3grade), accord with ROHS/EN71-3, so can used for food packing plastic.
3. Pigment yellow 62 is a greenish yellow pigment powder, having good migration fastness, Good heat stability, reach to 260º C*5min, without halogen, accord with EN71-3, AP89-1, ROHS, FDA, GB9685. Recommended materials for food packaging.

4. Pigment yellow 83 is a disazo yellow pigment, with good resistance to both light and solvents, does not migrate, heat resistance: 240º C*5min, accord with EN71-3, ROHS, GB9685, recommended for food contact plastics.
5. Pigment yellow 183/pigment yellow 191 are two kind of reddish yellow pigment, pigment yellow 183 is much reddish with comparision, pigment fineness of 220-250 mesh, dipersion, does not migrate in PVC(LV5), with a high thermal stability, reach to 300º C*5min does not change color. Accord with EN71-3, AP89-1, ROHS, FDA, GB9685, Recommended for use in the food packaging industry.    


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