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Development Of High-grade Paint And Colour Industries

Hangzhou Shine Chemicals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 29, 2016

Focus on the development of five industries

In the field of new materials industry, focus on the development of advanced materials, advanced composite materials, advanced hard materials, metal materials and chemical materials 5 new materials industry. Build 15 chain and 25 categories focus on advanced materials. Development of high power Ni-MH batteries, lithium-ion battery and its materials, electric vehicle power battery power packs, 3 categories such as solar, wind, energy storage system products, drive the formation of 3 industrial chain, to achieve annual sales revenue of 70 billion yuan.

Advanced composite materials. Develop high-performance carbon/carbon composites, high-performance fiber/polymer composites, high-performance thermoplastic polymer composites in 3 categories, such as products, mainly used in aerospace, transportation, automotive and engineering machinery, wind power, ships, photovoltaic solar energy components in the field of, drive the formation of 3 chain, achieved annual sales of 60 billion yuan.